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Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Use search feature to find what you need.
Online GPS locator for easy direction.
Detailed map when offline.
Constant news and events every day.
Images through all categories.


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Frequently asked questions

Where do I get the app?
The app is available on the DOWNLOAD section of this website, the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, the iTunes store, and the Google Play store.
How much is it to download Cayman Visitor?
Nothing! Cayman Visitor is FREE to download!
Do I need to be online for the app to work?
You do NOT need to be online for Cayman Visitor to work. Once the app has been downloaded it is stored in your tablet or smart phone. We even have an offline map built in to direct you along your journey. We do recommend however, that you try to get online occasionally to take advantage of our consistent updates.
Where do you get all of the information for Cayman Visitor?
Cayman Visitor is the official app of the CITA (Cayman Islands Tourism Association), so basically you're getting the most accurate info because we live here!
Who is CITA and what do they do?

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association membership is comprised of over 200 hotels, condo's/villas, watersports, attractions, transportation, restaurant and allied members.  It was formed in March 2001through and amalgamation of the Cayman Tourism Alliance and the Cayman Islands Hotel and Condominium Association. The association is wholly funded by membership subscriptions and fundraising. 

It is through our continuous effort in our key business areas, industry advocacy, marketing and events, industry development and membership services, that the CITA has achieved significant results in supporting the promotions and sustainable development of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

What about WIFI? Where do I find it?
We are currently updating our offline map to show you where all of the free WIFI spots are in Cayman!
Does Cayman Visitor offer any similar products in other Caribbean countries?
Cayman Visitor is currently developing and branching out to other countries in the Caribbean.  Stay tuned!

Do you still have a question to ask. Email us at info@caymanvisitor.ky or directly from Contact us page.